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Reconnect is a Social Emotional Learning model taught by Resources for Resilience, an organization based out of Asheville, NC.  This organization has been partnered with Cabarrus County Schools for several years.  Leaders at Resources for Resilience have worked with our school district leaders to train student services members as well as lead teachers to use these tools and teach/model these skills to our students and colleagues.  All BHES certified staff members were trained in Reconnect in August 2020.

Goals of Reconnect:

  • Learn how your body and brain respond to stress
  • Claim your ability to reset your own nervous system
  • Increase connection and compassion
  • Stay well even in the face of ongoing struggle

Reconnect Learning Tools:

  • Hand/Brain Model
  • Resilience Zones
  • Sense In
  • Rapid Resets

Throughout the school year, students will learn about these tools, revisiting them often through Wellness Wednesdays (our brief SEL videos created by SISP members each week), classroom restorative circles, brain breaks for mindful moments during transitions, and additional times as needed.  Understanding how your brain works and learning the tools to self-regulate in a healthy way is a valuable life skill that is important at any age.